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Standard Process Supplements and Nutrition in Practice

Unique algorithms and expert recommendations. It’s like having an additional nutrition expert in your office.


Cloud-Based and Accessible Anywhere

Cloud-based software gives you access to your data at any time via a web browser.

Patient Compliance

Cloud-Based and Accessible Anywhere

Customized reports tailored to the individual patient, helps guide and focus them on their health journey.


HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Your data and privacy are secure and compliant by HIPAA regulatory standards.

Systems Survey by Maestro - Unparalleled!

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Systems Survey Cloud-Based UI

Why Maestro

Maestro’s proprietary algorithm system has been honed for over 20 years and is based on the clinical experiences of doctors and experts in Functional nutrition. It is designed to carefully evaluate the patient’s nutritional needs and blood chemistry from a functional nutritional standpoint to tailor the recommended supplements to the individual while prioritizing support of the “whole patient.” 

Maestro has been stress-tested in real-world clinics by real-world practitioners. It’s loaded with additional support information to assist you in evaluating your patient’s needs, more accurately. 

Maestro in the cloud is designed to give you the quickest, user-friendly, and most accurate nutritional analysis available today—wherever you are.

Top 10 Reasons Practitioners Use Maestro

1 - Educational Empowerment
Maestro serves as an invaluable learning tool for healthcare professionals, offering a platform where practitioners can confidently apply Maestro protocols while simultaneously expanding their knowledge of the SP product line. The Comprehensive Clinician Report details the entire evaluation, while Cautions and Contraindications report notifies practitioners of potential concerns.
2 - Enhanced Patient Compliance
Specialized reports play a pivotal role in making patients active participants in their health journey. The Supplement Schedule report provides detailed guidance on what supplements to take and when, accompanied by product descriptions that foster better comprehension. Group Description reports show patients what group(s) the supplement protocol is focused on and which symptoms they chose that relate to the group(s), further reinforcing patient engagement.
3 - The Patient Portal
The Patient Portal facilitates remote survey submissions, allowing practitioners to review and share results from any location globally. Patients can easily find supplement schedules, survey history, and more.
4 - The Patient Generator
The Patient Generator is a personalized URL link that aids in practice growth, enabling the acquisition of new patients through various channels, such as websites, email, print advertising, and social media.
5 - Not Limited to the Survey
Maestro adapts to various modalities, enabling the creation of custom supplement schedules tailored to specific patient needs.
6 - Prioritizing Supplements
Initial recommendations are presented in order of importance, but schedules are completely customizable allowing practitioners flexibility to retain or modify choices based on results.
7 - Bottle Size Optimizer
Maestro efficiently calculates the precise number and sizes of supplement bottles required, based on daily dosing and length of protocol, minimizing waste and reducing costs for patients.
8 - Integrated Clinical Reference Guide and Protocols
Pre-supplied protocols from the Clinical Reference Guide (CRG) and Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) are seamlessly integrated, offering practitioners flexibility in adopting existing or custom protocols that can be built and added to the system.
9 - Without Limits
Maestro Nutrition boasts unlimited capacity, accommodating a limitless number of practitioners, patients, and surveys within a single practice environment.
10 - Security and Accessibility
HIPAA Compliance: Maestro assures practitioners of robust security measures, including third-party HIPAA testing, emphasizing the safety of patient records in the cloud. 24/7 Accessibility: The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, on both PC and MAC, via a web browser and internet connection.
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Proven and Trusted

The original Systems Survey Maestro by Greene Software was founded nearly 25 years ago, by doctors, for doctors. Over the years, it has proven to be a trusted clinical tool for assessing the nutritional needs of a patient.


Surveys Completed
The Systems Survey is the basis of our software. Coupled with our unique proprietary algorithm, your practice and patients will be well positioned for success.


Practitioners Nationwide
Maestro is trusted and proven by healthcare professionals nationally, to bring consistent and repeatable nutrition recommendations and protocols to their patients.


Patients on the road to Sustainable Health
Patients are the lifeblood of a practice. We are honored to be a part of your patients’ journeys to Sustainable Health.

$24 million

in product recommendation last year
Maestro is optimized to recommend the necessary amount of product based on a customized protocol length, so that your patient doesn’t overpay or over supply.


and counting Patients utilizing the Patient Portal
It’s not a surprise that over 65% of our clients utilize one of our services with the Patient Portal. It fosters a more efficient nutrition practice and creates more compliant patients that feel a part of their healing journey.


Total User-Added Protocols
Maestro allows practitioners the ability to add product brands not inherent within the software and to define their own protocols, both of which can later be added to patient schedules and reports.

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The Maestro Nutrition platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to incorporate into your practice. It removes the guesswork out of assessing your patients needs, adds a base of nutritional expertise to your practice, and allows you to help more patients beyond your geographic boundaries.

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