Patient Generator

The Patient Generator

The recent pandemic has emphasized the necessity of expanding our focus beyond conventional clinics. Virtual consultations have gained significant popularity, positioning themselves as the future of practitioner-patient interactions.

Maestro stands as your ally in transforming your virtual aspirations into reality, providing a smooth, integrative solution for assessing patient nutritional requirements without requiring them to visit your physical office.

Harness the capabilities of the Patient Generator to broaden your impact beyond geographical limitations. Employ web marketing and social media advertising to engage with new patients, transcending traditional boundaries. The time to embrace the virtual shift is now.

Patient Generator for website advertising, social media advertising - Increase your practice reach wtih the Systems Survey.

Grow Your Patient Base

What is the Patient Generator?

The Patient Generator, seamlessly integrated with your Maestro account, is a potent tool designed for generating new patients. We generate a distinctive URL, connecting your prospective patients directly to your Maestro database. This streamlined process enhances your ability to attract and engage with new individuals seamlessly.

How do I use it?

Optimizing the Patient Generator for maximum effectiveness involves strategic utilization across various channels:

Social Media: Leverage platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram to create compelling advertisements. Invite patients to assess their nutrition levels through engaging posts or ads, incorporating the URL link within the content. The journey begins with a simple click.

Email Campaigns: Harness the power of email campaigns, a staple for many practitioners engaging with existing patients on a regular basis. With the Patient Generator, extend this strategy to reconnect with past patients. Craft emails encouraging them to retake the survey for a fresh perspective on their health status.

Print: Transform the URL into a QR code for inclusion in your print advertising. Embed the QR code in office flyers, providing an effortless way for patients to scan and complete assessments. For health fairs and shows, consider poster boards featuring compelling advertisements alongside the QR code to capture the attention of passersby.

How does it work?

Let’s envision a scenario where your impactful social media post or email campaign prompts the recipient, a potential future patient, to take action. Clicking your URL link or scanning the QR code directs them to a Nutrition Assessment landing page adorned with your branded logo. After entering basic information, they seamlessly transition to the Patient Portal to finalize their Systems Survey. Simultaneously, the patient is automatically added to Maestro, and you receive a notification upon survey completion.

Now, consider the possibility that they don’t finish the survey. Numerous reasons may contribute to this, but because we’ve collected some basic information beforehand, you have avenues to reconnect with the patient. Reach out to understand where they left off and guide them back on track, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized engagement process.

Yes, You Need It!

The generator is an optional add-on for any “Plus” level subscription, which already encompasses access to the Patient Portal. Elevate your practice to new heights with the Patient Generator by opting for this one-time fee enhancement. It’s a valuable investment to take your practice to the next level.

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