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Maestro Nutrition takes great pride in our collaboration with Professional Co-op®, a leading entity in laboratory testing for licensed professionals. As we continue to enhance our cloud-based Blood Chemistry service, we are excited to join forces with Professional Co-op® to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate your patients’ bloodwork into Maestro. To do this, you can conveniently rely on Professional Co-op® to schedule your patients’ lab requisitions. Once your patients have their blood drawn at their local LabCorp facility, the results will automatically flow into Maestro, where our cutting-edge algorithm will analyze the data from a Functional Blood perspective.

It’s important to note that Maestro Nutrition is not affiliated with Professional Co-op®, and we derive no benefits from your utilization of their services. Our aim is solely to recognize the exceptional quality of service that Professional Co-op® offers across the board, and to emphasize them as the kind of partner we are proud to align with.

Why Professional Co-op® Excels

  • Outstanding Client Service
  • Great Pricing with Thousands of discounted lab tests
  • Comprehensive Informational and Educational Resources
  • Real-Time Results Plus HL7
  • Servicing specialty practices nationwide (except NY, NJ, RI)
  • Minimal paperwork
  • HIPAA Compliant and Privacy Oriented

For more information, call 866-999-4041 or visit their website at

Professional Co-Op. One of our Blood Chemistry partners.

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