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Maestro Systems Survey

Maestro Systems Survey serves as the cornerstone of Maestro Nutrition’s offerings, but also for the thriving functional nutrition practice. In a straightforward and ingenious manner, it assesses patients’ responses to the questions in the Systems Survey. This analysis is carried out using our exclusive algorithm, meticulously developed by seasoned clinicians and product experts, and refined over more than two decades. The goal is to offer nutrition supplementation recommendations rooted in a systems group analysis, alongside conventional practices of whole-food nutrition and the use of whole-extract herbal therapies.

Symptom Survey Form & Liver

“I’ll tell you a story of that questionnaire. That was intended to bring out — it wasn’t intended to be a comprehensive thing, if you want to make it comprehensive, you’d make it too bulky and too cumbersome, but it does contain the key questions to bring out the most common deficiencies. In all the years we’ve been using it we have had from the men who really try it right, they tell us that it solves practically all the problems of their tough cases. We have had many doctors who run questionnaires on their tough cases and tell us that they practically clean them all up with those questionnaires. Now, there’s only one trick about it: you’ve got to keep the liver thoroughly in mind because most of these stubborn cases have a stubborn liver. You’ve got to work on that. If you forget to do that you might not get anywhere, might not get too far. You’ve got to check whether they’ve got a gallbladder congestion and need the Betafood. Before you can give them any heavy vitamin dosage you’ve got to get, if the gallbladder is blocked, you’ve got to unblock it. If you give that patient multiple vitamins without unblocking the gallbladder you’d send them to hospital because you’d stimulate the liver without the bile being able to get out. That’s why the questionnaire is important in finding these things out and knowing what product to use first, then following up later. You do want to locate everyone with a tricky gallbladder and clean that up before you start stimulating their general metabolism. If you work from that end you’ll be very happy about it”

Excerpt from Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Vol. II.

Top Reasons Practitioners Choose Maestro

1 - Educational Empowerment

Maestro serves as an invaluable learning tool for healthcare professionals, offering a platform where practitioners can confidently apply Maestro protocols while simultaneously expanding their knowledge of the SP product line. The Comprehensive Clinician Report details the entire evaluation, while Cautions and Contraindications report notifies practitioners of potential concerns, ensuring informed decision-making for the benefit of the patients’ health.

2 - Enhanced Patient Compliance

Specialized reports play a pivotal role in making patients active participants in their health journey. The Supplement Schedule report provides detailed guidance on what supplements to take and when, accompanied by product descriptions, fostering better comprehension. The Group Description report shows a patient what group(s) the supplement protocol is focused on and which symptoms they chose that relate to the group(s), further reinforcing patient engagement.

3 - Patient Portal

The Patient Portal facilitates remote survey submissions, allowing practitioners to review and share results from any location globally. Patients can easily find supplement schedules, survey history, and more.

4 - The Patient Generator

The Patient Generator is a personalized URL link that aids in practice growth, enabling the acquisition of new patients through various channels, such as websites, email, print advertising, and social media.

5 - Not Limited to the Survey

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)? Heart Sound Recorder (HSR)?

Maestro adapts to various modalities, enabling the creation of custom supplement schedules tailored to specific patient needs.

6 - Prioritizing Supplements

Initial recommendations are presented in order of importance, but schedules are completely customizable allowing practitioners flexibility to retain or modify choices based on results.

7 - Bottle Size Optimizer

Maestro efficiently calculates the precise number and sizes of supplement bottles required, based on daily dosing and length of protocol, minimizing waste and reducing costs for patients.

8 - Integrated Clinical Reference Guide and Protocols

Pre-supplied protocols from the Clinical Reference Guide (CRG) and Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) are seamlessly integrated, offering practitioners flexibility in adopting existing or custom protocols that can be built and added to the system.

9 - Unlimited

Maestro Nutrition boasts unlimited capacity, accommodating a limitless number of practitioners, patients, and surveys within a single practice environment.

10 - Security and Accessibility

HIPAA Compliance: Maestro assures practitioners of robust security measures, including third-party HIPAA testing, emphasizing the safety of patient records in the cloud. 24/7 Accessibility: The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, on both PC and MAC, via a web browser and internet connection.

What is the Systems Survey Form?

Systems Survey Image
Reports: Patient Supplement Schedules and Group Descriptions


The reports generated by Maestro are a big part of the success for both the patient and practitioner. For the patients, the schedule and group descriptions are at the core, providing everything they need to take an active role in their journey to sustainable health. When used as intended, you will see an increase in patient compliance. For the practitioner, numerous reports from survey questions or blood marker analysis to clinical warnings, all tuned to guide and strengthen your nutrition knowledge so that you can best assess the needs of your patients. The receipt creator assists the practitioner in providing a simple and easy way to get products to their patients.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is the virtual consultant’s dream. It allows for the patient to complete the Systems Survey online, in the comfort of their own space, and at a time that is best for them. It’ll also send automated email reminders* about the progress of their nutrition schedule or when to reorder products. Use it to communicate with your patients via chat, send important documents* and reports electronically, and keep your patients’ visit history in one place and at their fingertips.

*future enhancement

Adult couple using tablet device to view Maestro Patient Reports.
Patient Generator for website advertising, social media advertising - Increase your practice reach wtih the Systems Survey.

Patient Generator

If we learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s that the time is now to start shifting our focus beyond the physical clinic. Virtual consultations are more prevalent than ever, and very much seen to be the future of the practitioner – patient relationship. With the customizable Patient Generator QR Code, you can use web marketing and social media advertising to stretch beyond your typical geographic boundaries to reach new patients.

Other Features

  • Fully HIPAA Certified
  • Completely Cloud-Based: Accessible from any internet-connected device with a web browser
  • Unlimited Practitioners and Patients within a practice
  • No limits on Reports and Blood Panels
  • Comprehensive Support via Email, Phone, and Web
  • Integrated Clinician Reference Guide
  • Add products from any product line to include in patient schedules
  • Customize patient schedules by modifying system-generated recommendations
  • Over 600 pre-built protocols and limitless user-created protocols
  • Patient-friendly for Vegetarian and Gluten-Free diets, with products clearly marked
  • Comprehensive listings of Cautions and Indications for supplements and health conditions
  • Automatic updates for product pricing, discontinuations, additions, and modifications
  • Suitable for practices of all sizes, from traditional brick-and-mortar to virtual
  • Extensive User Guide and Tutorials Videos for self-serve user support.

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