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Maestro Patient Portal

The Patient Portal fulfills the virtual consultant’s ideal scenario by enabling patients to conveniently complete the Systems Survey online, within their own space, and at their preferred time. Automated emails promptly notify practitioners when a survey is finished, ensuring no unnecessary delays in patient consultations.

If you’re using Jane App, Practice Better, or another patient management tool, seamlessly integrate the Portal URL into your patient schedule communications. This enables patients to effortlessly log in and complete a new survey whenever they choose.

The Patient Portal is included with all “Plus” level subscriptions. Add the Patient Generator add-on to further enhance your subscription benefits.

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Increased Patient Compliance

Say goodbye to scribbling protocols on post-it notes, product boxes, or pill bottles. Our Patient Portal offers a sophisticated solution, providing patients with easy access to their personalized Supplement Schedule. With this feature, individuals can effortlessly stay informed about what supplements to take, the correct dosage, and the optimal timing for each intake. The Supplement Schedules also include detailed product descriptions, enhancing patients’ understanding of the supplements they are consuming.

The Group Descriptions reports are designed to communicate to the patient the specific areas (survey groups) that require focused attention on their health journey. By referencing this report, patients gain insights into the symptoms identified in their survey that pertain to each specific group. This detailed breakdown facilitates a clearer understanding of the areas of focus, enabling more targeted discussions and interventions in collaboration with the patient.

The portal establishes a comprehensive historical archive encompassing past evaluations, supplement schedules, invoices, and more. This allows patients to conveniently retrieve, review, and utilize this information at their discretion. The archive is intelligently organized by evaluation date, empowering patients to reflect on their supplement history from months or even years ago, and gain valuable insights into their wellness journey.

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Patient Generator

The pandemic has underscored the need to redirect our attention beyond traditional clinics. Virtual consultations have surged in popularity, emerging as the future of the practitioner-patient relationship. Leverage the power of the customizable Patient Generator QR Code to extend your reach beyond geographical confines. Utilize web marketing and social media advertising to connect with new patients, breaking free from traditional boundaries. The time to embrace the virtual shift is now.

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