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Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a computer-based device primarily used for low-risk, general wellness and heart stress monitoring. Its key functions include acquiring, displaying, recording, and saving heart sounds. This specialized monitor captures and exhibits the low-frequency component of the heart cycle as a graphical waveform on a PC screen, allowing for a visual assessment of heart rate, rhythm, and tone. The monitor can be used ongoing for assessing and comparing current and past heart cycle waveforms, facilitating before-and-after analysis and trend monitoring.

General support protocols related to your HSR assessments are now available in Maestro! Ready to use with your custom-built protocols and patient schedules!!!

*As with any wellness device, recommendations for lifestyle changes implied by using this  technology should be undertaken only with the guidance of a licensed physician, therapist, or holistic healthcare practitioner. The findings from this device can be used to support, but should not be used in place of, sound medical therapies and recommendations.

Further Your Nutrition Education

Are you interested in advancing your knowledge in nutrition, expanding your professional practice, and obtaining essential Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? Your search ends here.

Bahan Consulting, LLC is an independent company with a mission to provide educational opportunities for healthcare practitioners, focusing on the utilization of whole foods and herbal supplements. Bahan Consulting is not affiliated with any specific nutrition company.

Events are conducted nationwide throughout the year, featuring a diverse range of topics and expert speakers:

  • Explore Diabetes, Metabolic Biotransformation, & Weight Loss with Bruce Bond.
  • Dive into Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Practice with Lowell Keppel.
  • Discover an Integrated Approach to Complex Brain Disorders with Robert Scott.
  • Explore Cardiovascular Health & the Heart Sound Recorder with Joseph Antell.
  • Learn about Nutrition Response Testing® from Cori Stern.
  • Delve into Modern Herbal Approaches to Western Lifestyles with Michael Gaeta.
  • Understand Hormone Support Through the Ages with Jessica Dietrich-Marsh.
  • Embrace a Functional Approach to Autoimmunity with Jean Lawrence.

Visit Nutrition Seminars for more details and to check if there’s an upcoming event in your vicinity!

Clinical Professional Consultations

Backed by a support panel boasting a collective 130 years of clinical and professional expertise!

In the life of a practitioner, occasions may arise where you require clinical or professional guidance from a seasoned peer. We recognize the invaluable benefits of this “peer-to-peer” support, and thus, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of consultants to meet this requirement. Bahan Consulting extends an offer to practitioners: the chance for one-on-one consultations aimed at addressing specific cases or enhancing your understanding, all at no cost to you as a clinician. No strings attached – simply accessible support.

Here are the program details:

  1. Consultations are exclusively accessible to Standard Process practitioners.

  2. You will need to furnish your Standard Process account number to proceed.

  3. You have the option to schedule either a 15-minute or 30-minute consultation.

  4. You can select a particular consultant based on their areas of expertise or opt for the first available consultant if your needs require immediate attention.

Clinical Reference Guide

Did you know that the latest Clinical Reference Guide is now seamlessly integrated into Maestro?

With over 600+ protocols right at your fingertips, you have instant access to a wealth of nutrition knowledge. These protocols are further enriched with insightful notes and commentary provided by experts like John Courtney, Michael Gaeta, and others. You can leverage these protocols in various ways – either alongside the auto-generated survey results or as a foundation for crafting custom protocols and patient schedules. No matter how you choose to utilize them, these resources are readily available and continually updated as new editions are published.

The Clinical Reference Guide is a treasure trove of indispensable information. However, it’s so comprehensive that we couldn’t fit everything into Maestro. That’s why it’s a smart idea to keep a hardcopy on your desk as a valuable complement to your Maestro subscription. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds – digital convenience and the reassurance of a physical reference guide.

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­­At Selene River Press, our goal is to support the public in applying holistic nutrition to their daily lives. For health practitioners, that means educational and training materials in the art and science of nutrition therapeutics. And for patients, it means a wide selection of books and media that support a self-health approach to diet and lifestyle.

SRP has been the leader in holistic nutrition education for over 30 years. Helping readers get beyond fads and miracle diets, we battle misinformation with nutrition’s original principles, as revealed by the field’s first pioneering researchers.

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