Blood Chemistry

Blood Chemistry

Functional Blood Chemistry is a valuable tool for nutrition practitioners seeking a comprehensive assessment of their patient’s health from a nutritional perspective. Maestro Blood Chemistry excels at pinpointing specific markers that fall outside the standard laboratory range or the optimal range, which is often narrower. Leveraging our proprietary algorithm, crafted by seasoned experts in functional blood analysis with over three decades of experience, this platform conducts an extensive analysis to uncover patterns within a complete panel of data. As a result, it offers nutrition recommendations tailored to the patient’s current health status and potential future health trajectories.

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What is Functional Blood Chemistry?

Functional blood chemistry refers to the analysis of blood biomarkers beyond the scope of conventional medical testing. While traditional blood tests mainly focus on diagnosing diseases or monitoring basic physiological functions, functional blood chemistry dives deeper into understanding the body’s functional status and imbalances that may contribute to health issues before they manifest as overt diseases.

Functional blood chemistry testing often involves a comprehensive panel of blood markers that assess various aspects of health such as nutrient status, hormonal balance, inflammation levels, detoxification capacity, and metabolic function. These tests are typically used in integrative or functional medicine practices to provide a more holistic view of a person’s health and to guide personalized treatment strategies aimed at optimizing wellness and preventing chronic diseases.

Examples of biomarkers commonly analyzed in functional blood chemistry testing include:

  1. Nutrient levels: Assessing levels of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to identify deficiencies or imbalances that may impact overall health and vitality.
  2. Hormone levels: Measuring levels of hormones such as cortisol, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and insulin to evaluate hormonal balance and function.
  3. Inflammatory markers: Examining markers of inflammation, such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and cytokines, to assess the body’s inflammatory response and potential risk for chronic inflammation-related conditions.
  4. Oxidative stress markers: Assessing markers of oxidative damage and antioxidant status to evaluate the body’s ability to combat oxidative stress, which is implicated in aging and various diseases.
  5. Metabolic markers: Analyzing markers related to glucose metabolism, lipid profile, and liver function to assess metabolic health and risk factors for conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  6. Detoxification markers: Evaluating markers related to liver function and detoxification pathways to assess the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste products.

By analyzing these biomarkers in conjunction with a person’s health history, symptoms, and lifestyle factors, healthcare providers can gain valuable insights into underlying imbalances and develop targeted interventions to support optimal health and well-being.

Reports: Patient Supplement Schedules and Blood Panel Results


The reports generated by Maestro play a significant role in the success of both patients and practitioners. These reports are the cornerstone of patient engagement, offering them the essential tools to actively participate in their journey toward sustainable health. When these resources are used as intended, you can expect to observe improved patient compliance.

For practitioners, Maestro offers a wide array of reports, ranging from in-depth blood marker and pattern analyses to clinical warnings. These reports are finely tuned to enhance your nutritional expertise, enabling you to make more informed assessments of your patients’ needs. Additionally, our invoice creator simplifies the process of delivering products to your patients, ensuring a convenient and straightforward experience for both parties.

Other Features

  • Fully HIPAA Certified
  • Completely Cloud-Based: Accessible from any internet-connected device with a web browser
  • Unlimited Practitioners and Patients within a practice
  • No limits on Reports and Blood Panels
  • Comprehensive Support via Email, Phone, and Web
  • Integrated Clinician Reference Guide
  • Add products from any product line to include in patient schedules
  • Customize patient schedules by modifying system-generated recommendations
  • Over 600 pre-built protocols and limitless user-created protocols
  • Patient-friendly for Vegetarian and Gluten-Free diets, with products clearly marked
  • Comprehensive listings of Cautions and Indications for supplements and health conditions
  • Automatic updates for product pricing, discontinuations, additions, and modifications
  • Suitable for practices of all sizes, from traditional brick-and-mortar to virtual
  • Extensive User Guide and Tutorials Videos for self-serve user support.

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